Lake Corlo is the main attraction of the whole territory and you can visit it in two days or more of you want to see it from different points of view.

Day One (on foot). Sleep in one of the B&Bs, in a camping or at the Al Parigi Hotel or Rocca. Have breakfast at Bar Da Anna and don't forget to take a picture of the Bell Tower. Crossing the St. Cassian's Bridge (on the left you will also see the St. Cassian Church). Walk toward the campings and take the Lakefront Trail where you meet the northern bank of Lake Corlo.
Now you can choose to visit Arsié (where you can have lunch) or to continue toward the Enel Power Station and the Old Bridge. Have a look at the ruins of the Old Sawmill that rises from the lake and then take the southern side of the lakefront trail to visit the Waterfalls and the ghost town of Mut (Coste).
A detour on the main path take you to the Forzeleta lookout with its beautiful view on the lake and the mountains. From here you can go back to Rocca by following the Carazzagno Valley. Or you can go back to the lake, cross the Polo Bridge, turn left after the cemetery, cross the Bassane Bridge and also the Vittoria Bridge. Continue westward to reach the Corlo Dam and visit the hamlets of Corlo or Incino to see other views on the lake and on the nature around.

Day Two (in kayak or pedalo). See Lake Corlo with your boat, kayak or canoe, or rent a pedalo near the Parigi Hotel. Relax in the middle of the lake to enjoy some peace and quite, the mountains and the works on the lake (the bridges, the bell tower and Rocca itself). You could purchase fishing permit and try to get some the kinds of fishes living in the lake, and once back on the shore, have some rest at the Campagnola Park.

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