The number of attractions that you can visit depends on how much time you have and on your means of transport. In any case, Arsié will reward your stay with its great landscapes and places rich in history and tradition.

Day one. Follow the itinerary described of the Tour of the Lake.

Day Two. Move to Arsié to visit the Town Hall, Marconi Square and the Church of the Assomption. Arsié offers hotels and restaurants, besides most shops of the whole territory. In the afternoon continue your visit walking along Via Trento to admire the panorama on the town, photograph the "Taurus" and the Murazzo of the Aurich, and moved I pour you the country to walk along the Run Life.

Day Three. Return to Rocca and grant you a cultural visit at Museo Casa Maddalozzo. Pack your backpack and explore the slopes of the Range of Grappa to Mount Fredina or go for a shorter walk to the old villages of Zanetti, Corlo and Berti

Day Four. In the morning visit the Solivi of Fastro and then go down along the Scale di Primolano to see the Fort Tagliata della Scala and the Fort Tagliata Fontanelle. On the way back to Arsié, give a look outside the Old Brickyard of Mezzavia before climbing to Mellame along the Vigne Road and then visit the Church of the town, the Monument to the Madonna degli Emigranti and the Casel.

Day Five. Follow the SP38 to Rivai where it is worth a visit at the main Church, and the one of St. Lawrence, and at the lookouts on the lake. Then continue to Col Perer, Pramossin and its views, and to Cima Campo and Fort Leone to look at the mountains and the landscapes around. The visit of the mountain could finish in the evening at the Observatory of Celado.

Day Six. Visit Mount Novegno, even on foot. You can leave from Rocca and go to San Vito along a beautiful path, for then climbing Prai with its view on the Lake.

Once finished the essential points of interest of the territory, remember that Arsié is very close to other attractions such as Covolo di Butistone, the WWI Museum and the Motive Power Depot. Going south, you reach Valstagna where you can go rafting, and then visit the city of Bassano del Grappa. If you prefer to stay in the area of Bellunese, the Municipality of Fonzaso proposes the excursion to the Hermitage of St. Michael, and then you can reach Feltre with its historical buildings and many events and activities for the lovers of the mountain.

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