3356256245Arsié offers historical attractions such as fortresses and museums. Although the greatest part of them is summarily described in this website, we recommend to contact the institutions that manage them to plan some guided cultural tours and have the chance to fully understand the historical context in which these works are set.

Day One. Your visit may begin from the Covolo di Butistone, in Cismon del Grappa, and its Museum. If you want to walk a trail that is rich in history, then you should look for the Genio Track that climbs from Fort Tombion up to Fort Col del Gallo. After lunch go down the path to Fastro and have a glance at Fort Tagliata Fontanelle before going down along the Scale di Primolano and visit the Fort Tagliata della Scala. Down in Primolano you may also spend some time at the WWI Museum and take some photos at its finds.

Day Two. Stay some more time in Fastro to visit the Solivi, then go toward Arsié and stop at Mezzavia to see an Old Brickyard. Now drive to Mellame and grant you a cultural visit at the Casel. Along the SP38, at Col Perer turn right to Cima Lan and visit the ruins of the Fort and the Barracks. But the best is some further on the main street to Celado, i.e. Fort Leone, a partially restructured fortress.

Day Three. Return to Arsié, visit the main Church, give a glance at the Town Hall and walk around Lake Corlo to see the ghost town of Mut (Coste). Once in Rocca, book a guided tour of Casa Maddalozzo Museum to see how people used to live here in the past.

Your cultural holiday may continue at Fonzaso and the St. Michael's Hermitage, at the Range of Grappa that is rich in history and lookouts, or to Bassano del Grappa with its squares and the famous Alpini Bridge.

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