CamminateThe area of Arsié is a heaven for the lovers of the mountain thanks to the beautiful views and many walks in the woods. Every single hamlet can offer at least a pair of well marked paths that the visitors can explore.

The number of paths is very high, but some of them are more spectacular and well kept than others. The best are: the Lakefront Walk, the Lake to Fredina, the Zanetti, Corlo & Berti, the Carazzagno Valley, the Giro del Prà (see Rivai), the Genio Track and the walk to Sorest starting from the Bassanese. Other beautiful walks are available in all the hamlets.

And it is also possible to download the map of all the paths (.jpg, 1:25.000). Notice that the map is not extremely detailed so please ask the locals about the conditions of the paths.

See also: Corsa dei 5 Pont and Sull'Orlo del Corlo

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