Bicycling is a very popular sport in the area of Arsié as it is rich with nice and little trafficked itineraries.

Among the events that cross our territory, we must certainly mention the Giro d'Italia, but also the Granfondo Sportful (ex Campagnolo) that visits Col Perer and Cima Campo.

As it regards the itineraries, a simple one is going from Arsié to Fastro and then down the Scale di Primolano. Along the Valsugana there is a famous bikeway that connects the cities of Trento and Padua. If you want to climb the Scale di Primolano, be prepared for a couple of kms uphill.

A well known tour is around the Range of Grappa and comes to Arsié from Fonzaso and Agana.

Mount Novegno is not a too demanding itinerary, and the climbing offers some good views. You can start from Arsié or Fastro.

The climbing of Cima Campo is more demanding and asks for a more serious training, since you needs to face 19 km of slopes to arrive at the top. 

The last and more difficult climbing it is the one that only touches the territory of Arsié to climb on top of Mount Grappa from Caupo (municipality of Seren of the Grappa).

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